Anyone who knows me knows I love bad weather. It comes as no surprise then, that I was really looking forward to the first night of my end-of-summer vacation due to the weather forecast.

A high of 93º with 94% humidity… felt like the hottest day of the year. Super-moist air heating up all day with a cold front moving through near sundown? Shitty conditions to load/unpack the car. Perfect conditions for convection & great storms.

They didn’t disappoint either. Saw some of the craziest sky-filling lightning. The first round passed far away on the horizon, moving out over the Delaware Bay and into NJ. Our balcony provided a safe view early in the evening, however, as the front moved in from behind us I had to run inside. The lightning was cracking right overhead. Getting nailed by lightning isn’t how I want to go out.

I left my camera/tripod clicking away outside (close enough to an eave on the roof that provided a few feet of cover from the rain) cracked open a beer and pulled a chair up next to the sliding glass door to watch the show.