Had a great morning at the range on Saturday! Our UPS driver at work (Dave) is a member of the Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club and he’s seen me bring my drone to and from the office. So… he invited me to the range to get some aerial shots and check the place out. Impressive for sure, even from the air. 

Met a lot of solid guys. All were friendly and accommodating, even with an irritating drone hovering nearby. The video work isn’t my greatest but it’ll have to do for a first time. Hoping to have more of a game plan next time about what shots/moves/angles worked better than others… was winging it on many of the shots. Plus, flying a drone downrange in close proximity to live fire adds a whole new aspect to “situational awareness”. Editing, encoding and uploading in 4K still takes a while even on a hopped up Mac Pro and was admittedly done in a hurry.

Many thanks to everyone there – can’t wait to come shoot firearms (not cameras) with you someday!