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My name is Joel and I’m a regular guy from Delaware. I’m the end result of a biology nerd who spent some time in the Army, then worked as a 911/police dispatcher and eventually became a computer geek and volunteer firefighter. Since the early days of 2001 I’ve been hard at work designing websites, graphics and computer systems.

Like many others I have a computer in my face all day, every day. Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android – doesn’t matter. I am fluent in all forms of droid-speak, equally comfortable coding html/css/js, updating servers in a terminal window, flying drones or editing photos, graphics and videos in Adobe’s Creative Suite. I code, create and publish digital content. I make the internet.

I currently work full-time during the week and try to spend as many off-hours outdoors as possible, mountain biking, camping or hanging out in/near water to remain sane. Spare time is hard to come by, but when I find it I try to post about my side hustles here. If you like what you see, drop me a line.

How to get in touch with us:

Cape Digital
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