Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, Credit: NIAID-RML

Haven’t written for a while. Hope all my fellow hairless apes are washing your goddamn hands and enjoying the hysteria surrounding 2019-nCoV. The original publish date on this post is March 8, 2020. Things are evolving and changing rapidly.

Here are a few links that I thought were worth sharing. Make up your own mind:

Covid-19 Tracker 1:

Coronavirus Tracker 2:
(This site is especially useful for news articles – if you click on a state, it’ll display links to read news articles and reports from each state)

Delaware Coronavirus Dashboard/Tracker:
Nicely designed state level overview and tracker for the Delaware.

The /r/China_flu subreddit that I’ve been following for a couple weeks now:

A second subreddit that popped up, also good for reports and news:

The CDC COVID-19 website:

An excellent article about how coronavirus kills, and the “cytokine dump” (immune system overreaction) that can kill healthy young adults:

Here’s a sobering quote from a representative at the “that nursing home” in Washington state – keep in mind he’s referring to patients who are older and already at risk:

We’ve had patients who, within an hour’s time, show no symptoms to going to acute symptoms and being transferred to the hospital. And we’ve had patients die relatively quickly under those circumstances…We know very little about how fast this may act.

Tim Killian, Life Care Center of Kirkland WA

Did I stock up on some supplies? Fuckin’ a right.

Am I worried? On a personal DEFCON level of 1-5, with “1” being the worst nuclear zombie apocalypse (aka, ‘the road‘), I’d rate my current level a 3. Elevated. Not panicked, but aware that things might get a bit goofy in the next couple weeks. Definitely changing some behaviors like staying in more than going out, making single large shopping runs for a week or two at a time, and also making sure everyone keeps their hands, faces, clothes, and food as clean as possible.

Bracing to see the numbers reported via the websites I linked to above skyrocket. If what they’re saying is true – there aren’t any noticeable symptoms while you’re contagious – my guess is that there’s going to be thousands of people that have it already and aren’t even aware they’re spreading it like wildfire. Unlike in China, where everyone was on mandatory lockdown.

My gut feeling tells me “It’s been here for weeks, people just aren’t aware.” As a first responder, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll become infected at some point and probably won’t even know it. Bringing this home to my family is something that weighs heavily on my mind. Then again, with two daughters in school, they could just as easily bring it back home to everyone.

Time will tell. I’d say “be safe” but that just sounds stupid. Stay aware.