After 8 weeks of downtime my Inspire 1 finally returned home last week. Imagine my surprise when I took it out of the (slightly damaged) storage case and fired it up – only to find that the exact same issue I was having before is still happening.

It feels like I shipped it to LA, it sat on a shelf for an eternity and was then sent back to me, untouched. I don’t get it.

  • April 15th: Firmware bricks Inspire
  • April 21st: After a week of troubleshooting/calls/tickets with DJI – RMA issued
  • April 22nd: Shipped UPS Ground ($76) Newark, DE -> Torrance, CA
  • April 28th: Delivered/Signed for by DJI 
  • May 11th: Checked-in at DJI
  • June 3rd: Repair Completed
  • June 4th: Shipping notification, FedEx Ground, estimated delivery June 10th
  • June 10th: Delivered 
  • The official notes were:

“Upon inspection of your Inspire we found it was in need of a firmware upgrade. The the firmware has been upgraded and the unit calibrated. Your Inspire has been updated, test flown, and is fully functional.”

Is it me? Have I done something incredibly stupid? Or is there something genuinely wrong with my Inspire? If it was test flown and everything was working, why would it be doing what it’s doing? I’ve done nothing but take it out of the box and turn it on. In the past, I’ve flown the thing fifty or so times and done the same routine each time – making sure to shut everything down before attaching the gimbal and then turning it all back on. 

I did try to link the remote with the aircraft but there was no response when I put it in pairing mode. Also tried it with different batteries, with the gimbal and without, still nothing. No signal. No connection. There’s no firmware on the card, just a clean microSD. No log files are written. So frustrating.

I’ve submitted another ticket with DJI and will probably try to get through to them on the phone later today. Hoping they can do some kind of “expedited RMA” because if I have to send it back again, the summer will be over by the time it returns. 

The saga continues here.