ooooooh.... spooky.

Right. Whatever you want to call it, last night there was a lunar eclipse that was cool to see. Earlier in the evening clouds were spotty and it was super bright outside - you definitely didn't need a flashlight to walk around.

I went back outside around 10:30-11:00PM to try and catch totality and it was pitch black. Bands of thick clouds were passing overhead blocking the view but luckily enough there were a few minutes of clear sky where I was able to grab a couple of shots.  

Safe from lycans and werewolves for the time being.

Ah, clouds. And a plane. Damn ye.

Shortly after this shot the clouds came in and stayed in, so I sacked out and went to bed. Woke up at one point around 4am, took a peek outside and it was back to being super bright again - but sleep sounded like the more attractive option vs going back out.