UPDATE: November 11th - Suspects have been apprehended! Scroll to the bottom for video and summary.

Bridgeville Chase, be on the lookout. Please remember to lock all windows and doors... there's a burglar creeping around out here.

Our security cameras captured this footage early Saturday Morning, (2:50am) on November 7th. Suspect entered our house and stole a bottle of prescription medicine from my wife's purse, (absolutely nothing else) and then left - very odd. 

Infrared/Night Vision captured a tall, thin male - unknown race - wearing one black glove, an inside-out light colored hoodie, dark pants and boots with a bandana covering his face. Went right for our front window. Time: 2:50am.

After five minutes fiddling with the screen, he manages to remove it. Cameras only record 30 seconds of motion per clip, so the video cuts off here. Time: 2:54am.

Time: 3:12am - at this point, it's been 18 minutes since he's (presumably) gained entry and now he's putting the screen back on for some reason... then slinking off into the night. Note the bulge in the sweatshirt pouch that wasn't there before, probably from the pill bottle.


Bottom line: Make sure your home is secure. Lock all doors and windows. Lock your garage. Admittedly, our front window was left unlocked/cracked open because it's been quite warm lately (for November).

A very nice Corporal from Delaware's State Police Troop 5 paid us a visit, dusted for prints, and filed a report. Maybe the video will help nail this bastard. Who knows.

In case anyone is interested, the camera system we use is called "Arlo". It's wireless, battery powered and can be setup in a matter of minutes with your wifi network. They're not cheap, but as you can see they're worth it for something like this. Got ours at amazon.com

We'll definitely be taking some "extra precautions" to secure our home - and don't want to divulge too much info here, but wanted folks to know what's lurking around out there. Stay safe.

UPDATE: November 11th - Suspects Apprehended!

So the last couple of nights have been rough, not a lot of sleep. I've been setting an alarm and getting up regularly around 3-4am. We installed six new motion lights all around the house on Sunday night - last night I was awake around 4am and noticed one come on in the rear corner of the house, followed by another near the back door. I instantly went into ready mode. Checked the camera near the back door, and sure enough our burglar had returned. 

4:13am, same dude tries to get in again - this time all lights were on and everything was locked.

I immediately grabbed my Mossberg 590 i've been sleeping next to and had one of those decisions to make: Do I pursue/detain (or possibly shoot) - or do I call in backup? If the guy is outside and running away, I don't have the right to blast him... so better call it in. Our neighborhood only has one way in and one way out, so they weren't going to get very far - especially if they had no idea what was coming after them.

Shotgun in hand, I dialed 911 and called in the cavalry. Gave a description & situation, then hung up. Told Mary to wait in the bedroom with the pistol while I peered out of some windows and the back porch to see if our goon was still lurking around the house.

Within minutes, the Delaware State Police arrived - patrolling our neighborhood in several vehicles. I waited on the back porch in the dark with the shotgun, hoping this idiot would try to come back. Off in the distance I heard police dogs barking and thought "Man, I think they got him." 

About 20 minutes later, two officers arrived at our door and told us they "had our boys!" - apparently there were two of them, one wearing what you see in the videos above and another wearing a full-on ghillie suit. The news that the troopers had them in custody was quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever heard - and the best Veterans Day gift I could have ever asked for! Will fill in more details here later but for now, back to work - just wanted to post this update.

WBOC ran a piece on Thursday Nov 12th about the arrests, and the DE State Police newsroom also released mugshots and additional info on the suspects: