Aerial / Drone Photo and Video Pricing

The following pricing is for general aerial photography and videography services. Please feel free to request a custom quote for more specific projects such as tower/bridge/infrastructure inspection or mapping and agricultural surveys.

All flights are performed by a fully insured, FAA Part 107 licensed remote UAS pilot with over 1000 flights and 200+ hours of flight time using top of the line DJI Mavic 2 Professional and Inspire 2 series drones. Once your aerial images and videos are captured, they are edited and post-processed on a color calibrated Mac Pro workstation using the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC.

Interior Real Estate Photography

Interior real estate pricing is based on the interior square footage (sq. ft.) of your real estate listing:

Travel Surcharge

We hate to do it, but time (and gas) is money. For locations within 25 Miles of Georgetown, DE there is no additional travel fee. For locations outside of the red circle a $50 travel surcharge will be added for each additional 25 miles of travel.

This fee is waived if the client wishes to arrange and provide travel, such as a flight, transportation and satisfactory board/lodging.