The team @ Rise

The team @ Rise

I’ve never been fond of gyms. The repetitive, boring nature of gym based exercise is what makes me never want to do it. Running in place and shoving metal shit around just isn’t a way I’m going to choose to spend my time, even if it does make you a healthier individual.

I’m an outdoor cat. If I’m going to run, I want to be on a dirt trail with the wind in my face. If I’m going to ruck, or bike or swim I want to smell the pines, get muddy or taste salt water in the process. For me, exercise is more about the experience than the results.

From what I’ve seen the owners and staff at Rise share that same point of view. Rise isn’t just a place to exercise – it’s a place to have fun. A playground for adults, sans attitude, sans bullshit. Really. Come play and have a good time while you sweat.

This core idea is what separates Rise from any other “gym” I’ve heard of, and quite frankly is what I believe a lot of us are missing out on when it comes to PT. If there were ever a place I’d consider working out indoors, Rise would be it.

This past Thursday was their first “open house” and I was asked to come snap a few photos of the get-together. The light was challenging, even at ISO 6400. Grain abounds.

I won’t pretend to know the names of all the equipment they’ve got set up, nor will I try to remember all the workouts they were demoing. All I can say is that they have a great team with a great attitude in a facility that is unlike any other gym I’ve seen. Win-win all around.

Interested? More info including equipment, rates & schedules can be found at their website: