Rooster Naturals

Easy to use, easy to configure e-commerce storefront

Rooster Naturals is a small business located in New Castle county Delaware that specializes in hand made, all-natural bath and beauty products. Owner and creator Melissa Sutton wanted an all-in-one e-commerce storefront that was affordable, easily updated and easy to use.

I’ve customized several Squarespace sites for clients and wholeheartedly recommended Squarespace’s e-commerce platform as the CMS and backend for because of their comprehensive and well thought out shopping platform.

Squarespace offers a complete set of customization options, inventory and shopping cart parameters, built in ssl and domain tools, plus responsive design for an affordable monthly price. Once things were configured and customized to her specifications, the store essentially runs itself – collecting orders and emailing her whenever she needs to ship out her fantastic soaps, lip balms and lotions. If she needs to add new products, everything can be taken care of via an easy to use interface.