The snow came. The snow went. Roads were closed, streets were flooded and there was some wind damage, but overall it wasn’t “apocalyptic” out here in western Sussex county.

About 10-12″ of heavy, wet snow fell the first night with another 3-4″ of powdery stuff on top the following night. Grand total here was somewhere around 15″. Winds howled for almost a full 48hrs, but we didn’t lose any shingles or trees. I feel incredibly lucky the power stayed on – it flickered briefly on Saturday afternoon but that was it. Thank you DEC, I didn’t end up having to use that bathtub full of cold water. Brrrr. 

Battling the cement-like underlayers of snow on the driveway absolutely sucked. Eventually I gave up and drove the FJ up and down the long stretch of the driveway to make some ruts. Then just shoveled out the middle. I learned later from coworkers this is called “Sussex Style” shoveling. I’ll never have to do it again though – we ordered a proper snowblower a week ago and it’s scheduled to arrive by the end of this week. All hail the machines.

On Sunday we ventured east to the ocean to see how bad things were. I took the drone along, hopeful that the winds wouldn’t be too bad near the beach. They weren’t. Got a couple chilly flights in – one in Fenwick and one in Bethany.

Flooding in Bethany was pretty bad on the north side of town. Waves were awesome but the beach and dunes took a beating. We wanted to head north to Rehoboth and Lewes but RT1 was closed at the IRI Bridge. Astonished to see how little snow they received near the coast. Video and photos can be found in this post.