A very short clip testing out some low light footage from the Phantom 4 Pro. Also uploaded to YouTube (below) to see how their compression affects the detail and color. Either version looks a whole lot cooler full screen. Shot in H.265 and edited in Adobe Premiere CC with a bit of Lumetri grading to taste. I’ve found that editing the H.265 clips from the Phantom 4 Pro on my Mac Pro is much easier when I create proxy clips in Premiere (ProRes 1280 x 720) instead of editing the native clips.

With this proxy clip workflow, even my little MacBook 12″ can handle some light H.265 editing work on the go. For a primer on how to do exactly what I’m describing, check out this video tutorial from Adobe

Totally in love with the P4P. It has been my go-to drone for just about everything lately. The Goldilocks solution. The Mavic is awesome for portability, but its image quality is meh. Inspire 1 Pro is awesome for stills and video, but it’s a pain to lug around. Phantom 4 Pro hits hard in all the right spots.